This is an animated stills video that was made using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. For this project, I had to animate still images to a one minute music track. I selected one of my favorite songs, ‘Beautiful,’ by Eminem.

Now I would have used the entire song, but the requirements were to just use one minute. Thus the original song was brought into Final Cut as an uncompressed FLAC file and edited down to just one verse. Now because of this, I had to make sure the beginning and end of the song transitioned well enough so the song could fade-in and fade-out properly.

Afterwards, it was pretty much Photoshop work to composite the animated images. The final composites were then exported (with layers) into Premiere for audio syncing. This was actually funner than I thought it would be and it was fun trying to get the transitions to go with the beat.

After that was complete, the images were exported back into Final Cut Pro (XML format) for final post production.

Check out the gallery for a screenshot and view is the final video render below:

Software Utilized: Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop