Here is an unofficial music video that was created for ‘The Fighter’ by Gym Class Heroes. This was a great project because unlike most of my other art pieces, I got to teamed up with a group of people to collectively make a final video.

After listening to all of the recommended songs by each group member, we all decided on ‘The Fighter’ for the music video. Basic story boarding and location scouting were necessary in developing a great shot list (which helped to establish a game plan for shooting).

Then the actually fun began as we went on to almost a full week of shooting footage. My primary job was cataloging and organizing all of the media assets. I had to develop an organizational naming structure for every shot so it can easily be reviewed by the team for later use. One of the coolest aspects was that we had access to great equipment. All of our shots were filmed using 2 different cameras (Cannon T3i, GoPro Hero 2) and eventually got a telephoto lens (Cannon EF 100-400/mm).

We filmed at a total of 9 different locations during 6 days making just over 600 clips (over 3 hours worth of footage). After everything was properly organized and named, we transcoded all of the footage into a ProRes format (for Final Cut Pro). Then we distributed the final clips to the whole group for final editing/compositing.

For post editing, each group member had to make there own video with the clips that were shot. I used both Premiere and Final Cut Pro to create both the rough cuts and final render (some color corrections and minor effects were also added). What made things a whole lot easier was since we had a vast amount of footage, there was a lot of room for creativity.

I got to work with great people in making this video and had a lot of fun (probably the most fun I’ve had on any project). I also really enjoyed the production pipeline and process which gave me a great perspective on how videos are shot and created.

Check out the gallery for a screenshot. Below is the final music video render for ‘The Fighter’ by Gym Class Heroes:

We shot a lot of great footage during this whole project from beaches to skateparks. With that said, here is a special shout out and thanks to the people at ‘Esco Bike & Skate Park’ and ‘Aura Skatepark’ for allowing us to film at their onsite locations!

Software Utilized: Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, MPEG Streamclip