This was my first attempt at any real CG modeling. Being somewhat of a Star Trek enthusiast, I decided to create a model of the starship USS Enterprise from the next generation series (NCC-1701-D).

Everything was modeled in Maya while I was learning the (very) basics of the program. Throughout this project, I learned about many techniques pertaining to modeling, texturing, and lighting. After modeling, I learned how to create UVs and texture maps through Photoshop. Afterwards, it was on to lighting in which I learned about the basic principles.

I created several low quality renders to test out different angles until I found one that would showcase the model in the best possible way. I then rendered out my final model with 3-point lighting at 3550×2000@300dpi (I also added spot lights to simulate front and back lights). Afterwards I imported the final render into Photoshop for ‘post production.’ This final composite is composed of 5 images along with the logo, added shadowing, and glow.

For the animation, a very simple scene was made using 2 different versions of the ship along with the Starfleet logo. All of that was then rendered and exported into After Effects for compositing. Digital stars and a lens flare effect were added along with sound to complete the final animation. Overall, I really enjoyed this project and am actually quite pleased with the results.

The gallery has my final rendered composition along with other test renders, wireframes, and texture maps (with an exception to the glow and incandescence maps because I feel they are unnecessary to post). Also an interactive model and final animation can be viewed below. For ‘SketchFab’ controls, click on ’3D Viewer Help’ (the ‘?’ icon).

Software Utilized: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition