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About Me


Well there really isn’t much to say about me. I am a college graduate who is seeking to make his life better while trying to make a career in the field of Computer Graphics (CG). I understand that this is a difficult and competitive industry to get into, but no matter what endeavors I encounter on my career path, I will always strive to do my professional best while having as much fun possible.

When I was attending college I always tried the best I could to go above what was expected of me. It was kind of sad to see some of my fellow peers doing the bare minimal without care about the project or assignment. Why go to college if that is your attitude? Thus I made sure to do the best I could and took pride with each assignment I completed. I’d prefer getting a ‘C’ on a project that I’m proud of and could say that I sincerely tried my best rather than getting an ‘A’ on something that I didn’t work hard on at all (but I guess this is just the way I am).

I don’t really drink or smoke anymore so when I’m not helping my Mom with her ice-cream vending service, I spend most of my free time working on the computer, watching anime/movies/shows, or just playing video-games all day long. I feel like playing video-games or watching movies can be the best way to escape the plainness of reality. I guess in real life, I am actually quite boring. But whenever I play a video-game or watch a movie, I like to picture myself as the hero and journey off to another world. Whether that be slaying villains and getting the princess at the end of a great game, or saving the world from a catastrophe during an epic film, I would simply get immersed in the moment (sometimes I might get a bit carried away, but oh well). Of course I could never do any of that in real life, but in a video-game, I can be that hero who saves the world or be that leader that everyone looks up to. So aside from being really fun and entertaining, I guess that’s the main reason why I want to be a part of the CG industry. What can be better than making the video-games or movies that you enjoy playing or watching?

As for my beliefs, I’m not religious, but if anything I’d have to say that I’m agnostic and that science is the answer to everything. In a world of Christianity and other religious influences, I feel that religion is just a form of control. While others might believe in the after-life and heaven or hell, I just believe in life and evolution. I’m in no way trying to disprove anyone’s personal beliefs, this is just simply what I believe. I guess you can say that there’s a reason why we’re all here on earth doing the things we do, but it is definitely not because of some god. I can’t believe that an almighty god created us, instead, we are the ones who created god. I understand that religion can give you a path for living and that believing in the afterlife can relinquish the fear of death. I also understand that religion can also help encourage positive morals and beliefs and can justify certain decisions and actions. I even realize that amongst a group of individuals, religion is a great way to give a person a sense of social belonging and commonality. I mean if anything, I guess I can appreciate that religion in general has inspired many artists and is the sole basis for numerous creative art forms and literature.

With all that said, I just don’t believe religion to be fact. I mean any religious story, like many great books or films, is simply there tell a tale that is both inspirational and entertaining. I can be just as inspired by a great film or television series as most people are by their religious beliefs. The only difference is that I know movies are fiction. It always amazes me how people practice religion blindly and just believe that it’s truth. But then again I guess it’s good to believe in something that makes you happy. I used to believe in Santa Claus when I was a kid, so I can see how people sometimes have to believe in something greater than themselves to inspire and motivate their actions. Anyways, for those who do believe in god, just keep believing and worshiping. It is obviously important to you and that is all that matters. It is a part of who you are and without it you’d be a different person. I can say that the films and stories I’ve seen or read will always be a part of me and at times, influence me in the decisions that I make. But religious or not, I believe it’s important to believe in something and that no matter what that might be, to make sure it influences or inspires you in a positive way.

Now I wouldn’t be where I am without the encouragement of my family, especially my Mother. She has been the driving force behind all that I am trying to achieve. She is my benefactor and supporter, even though she might not understand anything about Graphic Design or Animation. She is always there for me and I am grateful for everything she has done.

Even though we don’t really speak much anymore, I also have mutual support from my Father as well. I look back at what he has achieved in his life and how he struggled to make it in the US after moving from Japan and hope that I can achieve the same level of success or more as I continue to strive for my career goals. My Step-Mother has also been a critical source of support for my academic endeavors. She helped to push me into making the most out of my education and to strive for the best in everything that I do.

I also have support from my siblings as well. Now I am a fairly self-motivated individual, but both my Sisters and Brother inspire me to produce the best possible work. They give me advice and critics on most of my work and I try to incorporated their inputs into future art pieces. Basically they inspire me to put 100% into everything and once it’s completed, to try to improve that even more.

With the help and support from my family, I would like to think that I’ve improved with every completed project and that my skills will continue to get better as I work on future assignments and art projects. I love all of you and hope that you are proud of me. Please know that everything that I’ve achieved in the past as well as what I will achieve in the future, is because of you.

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